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Instead of pitching expensive new tools, we start by understanding your business’s needs and goals. We use our 25 years of expertise to recommend paying only for what you need, when you need it; all while using board-level language rather than technical jargon.  

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Our customers recognise that they have room to grow - be that in terms of their cyber expertise and maturity, or in a broader commercial sense. Many are looking to expand and recognise that cyber security is essential if they’re to do so safely.  


We help businesses improve their cyber-security posture without breaking the bank. We work to understand an organisation’s goals and their existing investments, ensuring they only pay for what they need, when they need it and make the most of what they’ve already got.  


We add expertise, from mitigating risks and developing strategies to our full CISO-on-Demand offering. Our customers are able to increase their cyber maturity and grow securely, and we aid and advise them using board-level language instead of technical jargon.  

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I’ve worked with Chameleon Cyber Consultants on multiple successful private equity acquisitions and business strategy programmes.  Chameleon Cyber Consultants led the cyber security initiatives by bringing a wealth of experience, best practice, knowledge and pragmatism that not only enabled the programmes to succeed but also established the cyber capability for the businesses day to day operations. I would recommend them to anyone looking for strategy and leadership in the digital security space.
David Daniels - Head of Information Architecture

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