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The difficulty many organisations face is that cyber security expertise is scarce and thus expensive. 
That’s where we come in.   

Why us?

Beyond wanting to save you money, the way we communicate will be a breath of fresh air. With 25 years of expertise, we explain and recommend using board-level language rather than technical jargon. We want to teach rather than confuse, and ultimately help you become self-sufficient in your cyber security.   

Cyber security strategic planning

We believe a successful security strategy must align to business goals. That is why we start by building an intimate understanding of your business. This helps us provide you with a clear plan that includes:
  • An understanding of what is needed from security in a business context
  • An appraisal of your current cyber security maturity status
  • A defined target of your desired cyber security maturity 
  • A business-driven roadmap to ensure your security strategy underpins your business's success. 

Chief Information Security Officer on Demand

Our Chief Information Security Officer on Demand provides leadership, security guidance and drives your organisation’s information security programme. Providing your business with:  

  • a cost-effective way of maintaining information security systems and managing risk,

  • an extension to your organisation’s information security capabilities,

  • an ongoing security presence,

  • and assurance that ensure risks and incidents are mitigated before they cause unacceptable business losses.  

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