Penetration testing

Achieve network security robustness through comprehensive assessments from internal and external perspectives. Our services provide access to a thorough penetration test, scrutinising your network's vulnerabilities and strengths to ensure its resilience.

Web application

Identify and address vulnerabilities in web-based applications, protect user data and maintain customer trust.


Assess employee responses, identify weaknesses and provide targeted training to defend against phishing threats.

Cloud infrastructure assessments

Evaluate the integrity and resilience of your cloud-based systems by identifying vulnerabilities.

Wireless penetration

Identify Wi-Fi vulnerabilities, strengthen security, and mitigate potential cyber threats in your wireless networks.

Open source

Gain competitive advantage and enhanced decision-making with real-time threat intelligence and actionable insights

Infrastructure penetration testing

Identify vulnerabilities, improve security, safeguard assets, and prevent breaches through infrastructure penetration testing

Social engineering testing

Enhanced awareness, vulnerability identification, and improved resilience against social engineering attacks

Red team

Identifies weaknesses, enhances security, and prepares defences through simulated attacks

Mobile application testing

Improved security, user experience, and performance. Minimise risks and ensure app functionality

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