Social engineering testing

By simulating real-world scenarios, this proactive approach allows businesses to assess the effectiveness of their security controls and identify potential weaknesses in employee behaviour and information sharing practices. Through targeted phishing simulations and impersonation attempts, social engineering testing helps raise employees' awareness of cyber risks, fostering a culture of vigilance and better equipping them to recognise and respond to malicious tactics. 

  • Raises employee awareness
  • Improves cyber security
  • Mitigates data breaches
  • Protects reputation
  • Fosters security culture
How it works
  • Define the objectives of the testing, identify the scope, and determine the specific tactics to be employed
  • Gather information about the target organisation and its employees
  • Create realistic pretexts or scenarios that mimic typical social engineering tactics
  • Implement the social engineering tests
  • Collect data on the responses and actions of employees
  • Compile a comprehensive report detailing the findings
  • Based on the results, conduct training and awareness sessions
  • Continuous improvement by regularly conducting assessments


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