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We help businesses understand and manage cyber security risks through adaptable strategies that match the evolving threat landscape. 
We support customers to achieve commercial objectives whilst remaining secure and compliant without unnecessary expenditure. 

What we do

We enhance businesses cyber security knowledge and capabilities, including better understanding their own security posture. We assist in creating and implementing a viable strategy, and making informed decisions on people, process, and technology.  

Cyber security strategic planning

That creates a clear security strategy and roadmap to underpin business success

Chief Information Officer on Demand

That offers security guidance and drives your information security programme

Trusted partner

I engaged Chameleon Cyber Consultants to support a Private Equity acquisition of a mid-sized international software company which included separation from a much larger parent organisation, enabling secure independent operation, with the complexity of a merger thrown into the mix. Chameleon Cyber Consultants led an accelerated security change programme building InfoSec capability quickly across: policy definition, process design, and technology transformation. Chameleon provided significant value, and I look forward to future engagements.
Jonathan Oliver - Director of Digital Transformation

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