Welcome to our five-step journey to PSTI compliance

Ensure your business meets and exceeds PSTI compliance. Throughout this process, you will learn about the PSTI Act and gain an understanding of who is affected. You will explore the concept of assurance to a regulatory standard and identify associated responsibilities. 

Additionally, you will discover methods to assess if your product is affected and acquire valuable tips for securing executive support. Furthermore, you will learn how to assemble a team to assess and manage compliance effectively. You will also develop a robust process for your statement of compliance. 

Finally, you will establish an assurance process for ongoing compliance and equip yourself with the knowledge to answer 10 critical questions for compliance assurance.

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What is the PSTI Act and who is effected?

In the dynamic landscape of smart consumer devices, security is paramount. With the introduction of the Product Security and Telecoms Infrastructure Act, the United Kingdom is taking a proactive step toward...

Understanding assurance to a regulatory standard and responsibilities for compliance

In today's complex regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards is paramount for organisations across industries. But what exactly does it mean to provide assurance to a regulatory standard, and who holds the responsibility for compliance within a company?

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How to create a process to ensure you capture products in or out of scope for the PSTI Act

By following this business process, organisations can effectively review if products are in scope for the PSTI Act and take appropriate actions to ensure compliance with relevant security requirements and regulations.

10 tips to gain executive support for the PSTI Act

By employing these techniques, teams can effectively persuade executives to prioritise and allocate resources to assess the impact of new regulatory standards, ensuring the company's compliance and mitigating regulatory risks. 


How to stand up a team to assess and manage compliance

By following these stages, the management team can effectively assess, manage, and ensure compliance with the PSTI Act, mitigating financial risks associated with non-compliance.  


How to develop a process for a statement of compliance

By following this process, you can effectively capture the required information and include the compliance statement in the product box, ensuring regulatory compliance and customer transparency. 

How to develop and publish a vulnerability disclosure document

Developing and publishing a vulnerability disclosure document is critical for organisations to promote responsible security practices and ensure effective handling of security vulnerabilities reported by external parties.


Develop an assurance process for continued compliance

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity threats continue to pose significant challenges for businesses.

10 questions every executive should be able to answer for regulatory assurance

By being able to answer these questions, company executives demonstrate their commitment to regulatory compliance, governance, and risk management, which are essential for maintaining trust with stakeholders and ensuring sustainable business success.


Need expert support?

A PSTI Assurance Report is a document that provides an overview of an organisation's compliance status with the PSTI Act. It includes information about ongoing compliance activities, identified risks and vulnerabilities, remediation efforts, and overall compliance posture. The PSTI Assurance Report helps stakeholders, including management, auditors, regulators, and external partners, understand the organisation's compliance efforts, challenges, and areas for improvement. It plays a crucial role in governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) processes by facilitating transparency, accountability, and decision-making related to compliance matters. 


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What is the PSTI Act and who does it effect?

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