Setting up a management team to assess and manage compliance with the PSTI Act

By following these stages, the management team can effectively assess, manage, and ensure compliance with the PSTI Act, mitigating financial risks associated with non-compliance.  


Identify the need for a management team to address the requirements of the PSTI Act.  

Define the scope and objectives of the management team's responsibilities, including compliance assessment and risk management.  

Team Formation:  

Select key stakeholders and subject matter experts from relevant departments or functions within the organisation.  

Appoint a team leader or project manager to oversee the management team's activities and coordinate efforts.  

Understanding the Act:  

Conduct a thorough review of the PSTI Act to understand its requirements, implications, and potential impact on the organisation.  

Identify specific provisions, deadlines, and compliance obligations outlined in the PSTI Act. 

Risk Assessment:  

Assess the organisation's current practices, policies, and procedures to identify areas of non-compliance or potential risk under the PSTI Act.  

Evaluate non-compliance's financial and reputational risks, including potential fines, penalties, and legal consequences.  

Gap Analysis:  

Compare the organisation's existing practices and controls against the requirements of the PSTI Act.  

Identify gaps and deficiencies that need to be addressed to achieve compliance with the PSTI Act.  

Action Planning:  

Develop a comprehensive action plan outlining specific tasks, timelines, and responsibilities for achieving compliance with the PSTI Act.  

Prioritise actions based on their importance, urgency, and impact on compliance.  


Execute the action plan, implementing necessary changes, updates, or enhancements to policies, processes, and systems to ensure compliance with the PSTI Act.  

Monitor progress closely to ensure timely completion of tasks and milestones.  

Training and Communication:  

Provide training and guidance to employees and stakeholders on the requirements of the new PSTI Act and their roles in achieving compliance.  

Establish clear communication channels to keep stakeholders informed of progress, updates, and any changes related to compliance efforts.  

Monitoring and Review:  

Establish mechanisms for ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and review of compliance efforts to ensure continued adherence to the requirements of the PSTI Act.  

Conduct periodic assessments and audits to identify any emerging risks or areas of non-compliance that require attention.  

Continuous Improvement:  

Continuously assess and refine the organisation's processes, controls, and practices to enhance compliance with the new government act and minimise the risk of non-compliance.  

Stay informed about updates, changes, and developments related to the act to ensure ongoing alignment with regulatory requirements.