PSTI Assurance Report

Your legal safety net! Keep fines and legal hassles at bay and ensure your business is always on the right side of the law.

    • Informed visibility of gaps  

    • Visibility of compliance risks 

    • Compliance mitigations 

    • Enhanced compliance 

    • Compliance roadmap  

What is PSTI Assurance Report?

A PSTI Assurance Report is a document that provides an overview of an organisation's compliance status with the PSTI Act. It includes information about ongoing compliance activities, identified risks and vulnerabilities, remediation efforts, and overall compliance posture. The PSTI Assurance Report helps stakeholders, including management, auditors, regulators, and external partners, understand the organisation's compliance efforts, challenges, and areas for improvement. It plays a crucial role in governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) processes by facilitating transparency, accountability, and decision-making related to compliance matters. 

What does a PSTI Assurance Report provide?

  • The Management team setup for PSTI Act Compliance 
  • Product Scope Assessment Process 
  • Statement of Compliance Products Process Development 
  • Vulnerability Disclosure Process  
  • Compliance gap analysis 
  • Recommendations & Prioritised Roadmap  
  • Executive summary 

"Chameleon were instrumental in accelerating our ISO27001 certification. They continue to provide valuable advisory services as we've sought to advance our information security maturity and resilience"

Tom Bacon, COO, Riskpal Ltd


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