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The cyber challenge for SMEs

In today's digital landscape, SMEs face growing and ever-evolving cyber threats and are quickly becoming the preferred victims for threat actors.

Instead of targeting large organisations with robust defences and layers of protection, ransomware gangs have increasingly set their sights on SMEs, viewing them as an easier route to a quick payoff.

what's at stake?
  • Brand reputation
  • Regulatory fines
  • Operational disruption
  • Increased costs
  • Lost revenue
  • Stolen data

Cyber situation

Get an in-depth assessment of your current cyber security posture.

Endpoint detection & response

Real-time monitoring of endpoints to identify and respond to security threats. 


Leverage expertise to bridge your skills gap, bolster defences and address vulnerabilities.

"Chameleon were instrumental in accelerating our ISO27001 certification. They continue to provide valuable advisory services as we've sought to advance our information security maturity and resilience"

Tom Bacon, COO, Riskpal Ltd


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