Back Up

Safeguard your data with our backup service. Lightning-fast recovery and minimal downtime make data worries a thing of the past.

  • Business continuity
  • Data resilience
  • Data recovery
  • Peace of mind

What is a Back Up service?

Our backup service is a data management solution that enables the scheduling of systematic copying and storage of digital files, documents, and information in a secure offline separate location. Its primary purpose is to provide a safeguard against data loss, whether due to hardware failures, accidental deletion, cyberattacks, or other unforeseen events.

What does a Back Up service provide?

  • Data protection
  • Disaster recovery
  • Version control
  • Automated back ups
  • Remote access
  • Synchronisation
  • Security Scalability

"Chameleon were instrumental in accelerating our ISO27001 certification. They continue to provide valuable advisory services as we've sought to advance our information security maturity and resilience"

Tom Bacon, COO, Riskpal Ltd


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