Ethical Hacking

Uncover, fortify, and fix vulnerabilities across your systems, networks, and applications with our cutting-edge penetration testing.

  • Vulnerability discovery
  • Real world simulation
  • Compliance assurance
  • Risk reduction

What is Ethical Hacking?

Our ethical hacking service, known as penetration testing, employs various techniques and tools to mimic real-world attack scenarios, aiming to exploit vulnerabilities as malicious hackers might. The insights gained from penetration testing enable organisations to strengthen their security.

What does Ethical Hacking provide?

  • Vulnerability identification
  • Realistic threat assessment
  • Risk mitigation
  • Compliance assurance
  • Improved incident response
  • Security awareness
  • Cost-effective security
  • Confidence building

"Chameleon were instrumental in accelerating our ISO27001 certification. They continue to provide valuable advisory services as we've sought to advance our information security maturity and resilience"

Tom Bacon, COO, Riskpal Ltd


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